How do I fix CYMA error "Could not find server '(server)' in sys.servers..."?

This error is often found by CYMA users shortly after migrating to a new server. The error is usually caused by some change in a CYMA database field name.

CYMA error “Could not find server ‘(server)’ in sys.servers…”

This error is often found by CYMA users shortly after migrating to a new server. The error is usually caused by some change in a CYMA database field name.
CYMA sys.servers error
In the example above, we see that the Sales Order cannot be saved because something could not be verified. You will notice that the Total of this order is $0.00, this is because Acctivate was not able to add tax to the order because the tax comes from a CYMA data field that is different from it was the last time Acctivate attempted to access it. Probably, the data field just changed names from something like ‘Ar_TaxIds’ to ‘Ar_TaxIds 2’. While this instance is unique to this field, the sys.servers error is not unique. It refers to any instance where Acctivate could not gather some specific data from CYMA because it is looking for something that has changed.
The good news is that the fix is really easy! Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Open Acctivate Database Maintenance. If you cannot find this by running a search on your workstation, you can right-click on the Acctivate shortcut then select Properties. The Target will show the network path back to the Server where the Acctivate.exe file is. Database Maintenance will be located in the same folder as the Acctivate.exe application.
    5-29-2015 3-23-09 PM
  2. Once Acctivate Database Maintenance is open, select “Database” from the top of the window, then click on “Database Verify” from the drop down list.dbverify
  3. Select your company from the drop down menu then click “Verify Database.” The application will either tell you “The (your company) database is already up to date. Do you want to verify it anyway?” Or “The (your company) database is out of date. Do you want to update it?” If you get the first message, simply click “yes” to update your database and reset those links to CYMA. If you get the second message, backup your company then execute Verify Database, just to be safe.

If you follow these steps and your issue is not resolved, please contact support here.