Including Date-Time on reports in Crystal Reports.

Crystal Reports excludes time from Date-Time fields

In the Acctivate database, date fields such as EntryDate on a Sales Order and CreatedDate on a Customer record are stored in Date-Time format (1900-01-01 00:00:00). When including this information on a report in Crystal Reports, you may see Date-Time fields represented as dates only, cutting off the remaining timestamp information. For example, the EntryDate field in the Orders view should look like this:

This is because, by default, Crystal Reports converts all Date-Time fields to a smaller "Date" field, which only includes month, day and year. If you need to view hour, minute and second data for a Date-Time field, you can change this option in Crystal Reports by doing the following:

  1. Open the report file that you want to modify in Crystal Reports (for example, Orders.rpt)
  2. In Crystal Reports, select File > Report Options to open the Report Options window

  3. Select the option "To Date-Time" from the drop down menu "Convert Date-Time field:", then click OK
  4. Refresh the report. Date-Time fields previously displayed as Dates should include the full date and time from the database.