What is the Difference between Available and On Hand Quantities?

On Hand is how many are currently stocked. Available is On Hand minus quantities reserved across Acctivate for various open transactions such as sales orders, assemblies, and transfers.

Difference between Available and On Hand Quantities

Warehouse inventory systems deliver real-time visibility into available and on-hand quantities.

In Acctivate on the Inventory tab of the Product window, you will see all warehouses added to a particular product as well as Quantity totals for that warehouse. In this section you will see an Available Quantity as well as an On Hand Quantity. There is a difference in how Acctivate calculates the totals for these values.


On Hand Quantities are the number of items in your warehouse currently. Available Quantities are used to show what in your warehouse isn’t already scheduled on a Sales Order, reserved as a component on an Assembly build, or set up as a Reserved quantity in that warehouse.

Available Quantity Calculation

On Hand Qty - Reserved Qty - Scheduled Qty - Backordered Qty - Assembly WIP Qty - Transfer Qty (+ On PO Qty)* = Available Qty

  • On Hand Qty = the number of items physically in the Warehouse
  • Reserved Qty = Reserved Quantity for the Warehouse (i.e., Safety Stock)
  • Scheduled Qty = Scheduled Quantity of the product on  Sales Orders
  • Backordered Qty = Backordered Quantity of the product on Sales Orders
  • Assembly WIP Qty = the Quantity reserved on an open Assembly transaction
  • Transfer Qty = the Quantity reserved on an open Transfer transaction
  • On PO Qty* = the Quantity currently on an open Purchase Order that has not been received

    *This option is enabled in Configuration Management to include the Quantities of Products on PO in your Available Quantities calculation. See Include Quantities on POs in Available Quantity for more information on setting that up.

Acctivate uses the Available Quantity when scheduling Sales Orders. See Backordered Quantity Reserves Product for more information about Backordered Quantity calculations.