What is the difference between the Scheduled and Backordered order statuses?

A Scheduled order can still have backordered products. The Backordered status is reserved for partially invoiced orders. When changed back to Scheduled, Acctivate will attempt to schedule whatever it can based on product availability.

Acctivate has powerful sales order management functionality. The following details the difference between Scheduled and Backordered statuses on sales orders.

Sales Orders can have several different statuses. Most statuses are pretty easy to make sense of, ‘Complete’ means that the entire ordered quantity for all products on the order have been c, ‘Cancelled’ means order that the order has been Cancelled etc. However, why is it that orders which contain products with backordered quantities sometimes use a Scheduled status and at other time use a Backordered status?

A backordered product on a sales order just means that the Ordered quantity for that product on that order is greater than the Scheduled quantity, usually related to the Available quantity of that product in the defined warehouse. Excess ordered quantity which is greater than the scheduled quantity is considered backordered, awaiting new stock to be invoiced and shipped to the customer. An order with a Backordered status indicates that the order has been partially invoiced, but ordered quantity remains on the order.

The Backordered status is reserved for partially invoiced orders. This means that some of the ordered products have been invoiced, while others were not included on that invoice because the Ordered quantity was greater than the Scheduled quantity. After the invoice is released, the order status is changed to Backordered.

If new stock has been added for products on sales orders with a Backordered status, these orders can be re-scheduled in batches using the Sales Order Mgmt tab of Business Alerts, or by using Order Manager.

In Business Alerts, select the Sales Order Mgmt tab, then set the Type to Backordered Status, select the individual orders you wish to re-schedule (or click the check box at the top to select all orders) then click Schedule to re-schedule the backordered orders.


In Order Manager, select the Backordered button, then check the orders you wish to re-schedule or select all orders at the top (just like in Business Alerts), then click Action > Schedule to re-schedule backordered orders.