Configuring report document types and permission groups.

Types can be used to control which users can access that report and where a user can find the report in Acctivate to print out.

Acctivate can use various permission groups that will determine what permissions a user would need to have to be able to access a certain report. In addition to permission groups, Acctivate also offers document types which allows a user to set what window a certain report is accessed from.

Configuring report doc types and permission groups

  1. Click File -> Manage Reports
  2. Locate the report you'd like to modify.
  3. Click Edit
  4. Use the dropdowns under Permission Group and Document Type to change the values. 
    1. Permission group determines what permissions you need to have to run the report. 
    2. Document Type determines where in Acctivate you will find the report. For example, document type of "Sales Order" means it is printed from the printer icon on a sales order. For a list of document types, please refer to our docs.
      1. A document type of blank means the report would be printed from the standard report catalog.
    3. doc type
  5. Click the save icon.
For more information on the locations of standard reports see our Acctivate Standard Report List
For more information on setting user permissions see our Setting User Permissions article.