Does Acctivate support the QuickBooks condense data function?

Answers on how the condense function works with Acctivate

Acctivate does support the standard QuickBooks Condense Data function. However, Acctivate DOES NOT SUPPORT third-party utilities to reduce the size of the QuickBooks database file.

Acctivate synchronizes with QuickBooks using The QuickBooks SDK. The QuickBooks SDK provides the “Cutoff Date” from the Condense function, which allows Acctivate to avoid re-creating any “deleted” transactions. This Cutoff Date is NOT set when using a third-party utility to archive/delete old transactions.

Furthermore, the “deleted” transactions will remain in Acctivate when using the standard Condense function in QuickBooks.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! You must BACKUP both the Acctivate and QuickBooks databases prior to using the QuickBooks Condense function.