Adding customized reports into Acctivate from a support rep or consultant.

To add a report emailed to you with a browser link, view the folder where the browser file saves and move it your CustomReports folder, if the report uses a .rpt format. If the report uses a .acctrpt format, simple import the report into Acctivate.

If you are working with a Support Rep or consultant to make modifications to a report or for a new report, and they email you the file, follow the steps below to download and save the report file. Both .rpt and .acctrpt files will be emailed, although the steps for moving the .acctrpt and .rpt files to your Custom Reports folder are different.

  1. Click the attachment from the support rep or consultant email.
  2. The download will open in your web browser at the bottom of the page. Expand the downloads option to "Show in Folder". Some browsers may prompt you to "Save" instead of  "Show in Folder". If you have the option to Save, please do so, noting the file location you save the report.
    1. Do not "Open" or click the download link to open it. Acctivate uses Crystal Reports report files. You will only be able to open the report if you have Crystal Reports installed on the computer you are downloading the web link. If you do attempt to open the link and you do not have Crystal Reports installed, the report will not open. You can always go to the web browser downloads folder to access the downloaded file again.
  3. The folder will open with the report file in it.
  4. If the report file sent to you has the file extension .rpt or you do not know which file extension the report is saved as, either copy and paste it into your Acctivate Custom Reports Folder or move it to the Custom Reports folder. You can access this folder by following these steps or by going to \\YourServerName\AcctivateData\CustomReports. Once you add the custom report to the Custom Reports folder, you are done with the report download.

    1. NOTE: You may be prompted that the report already exists in the Custom Reports folder. In this case, select the option to Replace the old report with the new one. The alternative option is to rename the old report by adding something like '_OLD' to the file name (before the file extension .rpt or .acctrpt). Then paste the new report into the Custom Reports folder.
      For further instructions on adding a report to the Custom Report folder, please see this guide.
  5. If the report file extension is .acctrpt, you can import the report into Acctivate wherever the report is saved. Once you import the custom report into Acctivate, you are done with the report download.

Review this guide for further assistance in setting up a new custom report. Please contact Support if you have any questions.