Why am I unable to Drag and Drop Email?

Unable to drag and drop email

When attempting to drag and drop email from outlook into Acctivate, you may find that some messages do not appear in Acctivate.  You may receive a popup message stating the message cannot be imported.  This is due to the type of message you are trying to drop into Acctivate.  One common example would be missed conversations from your instant messaging application.  The missed conversation message may appear in Outlook, however it is not actually an email message and therefore may not be dropped into Acctivate.

Two options to add this message in Acctivate:

  1. If the message includes an attachment you may choose to forward the message to yourself.  Once you receive the forwarded email you may then drag and drop message into Acctivate.
  2. Copy the message information and paste into a note in Acctivate.