What To Know About Acctivate EDI 940 (Warehouse Shipping Order)

This article discusses information about Acctivate EDI 940.

Acctivate can export warehouse shipping orders to your 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider via EDI.  This transaction is commonly referred to as the EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Order transaction.  The EDI 940 reflects the Acctivate Sales Order detail lines for a given warehouse.  An individual Customer Sales Order may have some items that are shipped by the 3PL and others that are shipped direct from inventory at your warehouse.  For example, your primary inventory may be stocked and shipped by the 3PL provider, but orders for accessories may be shipped directly from your office.

Customer orders are processed and shipped by the 3PL provider.  The 3PL will then send an EDI Warehouse Shipping Advice transaction including details of the shipment.

The file structure for the EDI Warehouse Shipping Order is listed below.  Please refer to our EDI Transaction Files article for more information.

File Structure

  • The Header Row (Row Type "H") is the first row in a Warehouse Shipping Order.  The transaction header row includes the information from the Customer Sales Order, including the billing and shipping information, addresses, special instructions and dates.
  • Item Rows (Row Type "I") appear for each item on the sales order(s).  This row contains multiple product identifiers, quantities, reference and special instructions.

Header Row

 Column Data  Type(Length)  Notes
1 Row ID   Constant Value "H"
2 Transaction ID   Constant Value "940"
3 Accounting ID String(15) Partner ID
4 Report Type Code String(1) Constant Value "N"
5 PO # String(22) Customer PO
6 Depositor Order # String(22) Acctivate Order Number
7 Store # String Mark for store number from 850
8 Department # String(30) Department number from 850
9 Vendor # String(30) Account Number
10 Customer # String(41) Customer ID
11 Merchandise Type String(30) Not Used
12 Priority Rating String(30) Not Used
13 Special Instructions String(255) Special Instructions
14 Shipping Instructions String(255) Shipping Instructions
15 Payment Method String(2) Not Used
16 Requested Date Date Requested Ship Date in YYYYMMDD format
17 Cancel After Date Date Cancel Date from 850
18 Transportation Method String(2) Merchandise Type Code From 850
19 SCAC String(4) SCAC from Carrier (e.g., FDE for FedEx)
20 Ship Via String(25) Ship Via
21 Ship To Name String(41) Ship Address Line 1
22 Ship To Address 1 String(41) Ship Address Line 2
23 Ship To Address 2 String(41) Ship Address Line 3
24 Ship To City String(31) Ship Address City
25 Ship To State String(2) Ship Address State
26 Ship To Zip String(13) Ship Address Zip
27 Ship To Code Type String(2) Not Used
28 Ship To Code String(80) Ship Location ID
29 Ship From Name String(60) Branch Name
30 Ship From Address 1 String(55) Branch Address Line 1
31 Ship From Address 2 String(55) Branch Address Line 2
32 Ship From City String(30) Branch Address City
33 Ship From State String(2) Branch Address State
34 Ship From Zip String(15) Branch Address Zip
35 Ship From Code Type String(2) Not Used
36 Ship From Code String(80) Not Used
37 Bill To Name String(60) Bill Address Line 1
38 Bill To Address 1 String(55) Bill Address Line 2
39 Bill To Address 2 String(55) Bill Address Line 3
40 Bill To City String(30) Bill Address City
41 Bill To State String(2) Bill Address State
42 Bill To Zip String(15) Bill Address Zip
43 Bill To Code Type String(2) Not Used
44 Bill To Code String(80) Not Used
45 PO Date Date Order Date in YYYYMMDD format
46 Don't Ship Before Date YYYYMMDD format
47 Don't Ship After Date YYYYMMDD format
48 Reference String(20) Reference
49 Reference 2 String(20) Reference 2
50 Job Reference String(20) Job Reference
51 Product Group String(30) Product Group from 850
52 Mark For Store Number String(30) Mark For Code from 850
53 Salesperson ID String(5) Salesperson ID
54 Customer Contact Name String(50) Contact Name
55 Customer Contact Phone String(50) Contact Phone
56 Customer Contact Fax String(50) Contact Fax
57 Customer Contact Email String(99) Contact Email
58 Order Total Amount Decimal(15) Total Amount
59 Order Subtotal Amount Decimal(15) Subtotal Amount
60 Order Sales Tax Amount Decimal(15) Sales Tax Amount
61 Customer Company Name String(41) Company Name
62 Ship To Country String(31) Ship Address Country
63 Order Branch ID String(15) Branch

Item Row

 Column Data Type(Length)  Notes
1 Row ID   Constant Value "I"
2 Line # String(6) Incremental Number, not Sales Order line
3 UPC Case Code String(31) UPC from Product
4 Vendor Item # String(159) Product ID
5 Buyer's Item # String(159) Customer's Product ID
6 Description String(4,095) Description
7 Stocking Qty Decimal Quantity Ordered in Stocking Unit
8 Stocking UOM String(5) Stocking Unit
9 Order Qty Decimal Quantity Ordered in Sales Order Unit
10 Order UOM String(5) Sales Order Unit
11 Length Decimal Sales Order Line Length
12 Height Decimal Product Height
13 Width Decimal Product Width
14 Weight Decimal Sales Order Line Weight
15 Volume Decimal Product Volume
16 Inner Pack Qty Decimal Inner Pack Quantity
17 Outer Pack Qty Decimal Outer Pack Quantity
18 Alternate Product ID String(159) Alternate Product ID
19 Customer UPC Code String(31) UPC from 850
20 Reference String(20) Reference from Sales Order Line
21 Special Instructions String(255) Special Instructions from Sales Order Line
22 Warehouse ID String(8) Warehouse ID
23 Customer Product ID String(159) Customer Product ID
24 Customer Product Description String(4,095) Customer Product Description
25 Line Price Decimal(15) Price
26 Extended Line Amount Decimal(15) Extending Amount

Control Row

Column Data Type(Length) Notes
1 Row ID   Constant Value "C"
2 Row Count Integer Count of the total number of rows (lines) in the file, including the control row