What To Know About Acctivate EDI 945 (Warehouse Shipping Advice)

This article discusses information about Acctivate EDI 945.

To complete the EDI Warehouse Shipment cycle (begins with EDI 940 export) Acctivate also supports the EDI 945, or the Warehouse Shipping Advice document.  Below you will see the details for the fields included or that could be used from your 3PL/Logistics Company.

NOTE: Starting in Acctivate 10.2, EDI 945 processing supports multiple lot/serial numbers per detail line on a Sales Order. 

File Structure

  • Unlike the EDI 940 document, the Header Row is designated by the row type "S" and is the first row in a Warehouse Shipping Advice.  The transaction header row includes the information from the Shipment as placed by the 3PL.  This includes the 3PL name, Partner Name, Shipment Information, Basic Billing Information.  There will be an "S" line per individual shipment if more than one.
  • A shipment may be made up of several packs. Each pack can have it's own Pack/Carton Row, designated by a "P" line. An individual shipment can be made up of several packs. A pack row may be omitted if all the items shipped are part of the same shipment.
  • Item Rows (Row Type “I”) appear for each item in the Shipment(s) or Pack.  This row contains all products within designated Shipment, Basic Product Information, Shipment Completed Date. If there are multiple lots for a single item row, then the full item row will be repeated.

A Warehouse Shipping Advice document could have one of the following structures:



Shipment Record (Used once per shipment)

Column # Data  Type(Length) Notes
1 Row Type   "S"
2 Transaction Type   "945"
3 Accounting ID   Lookup Trading Partner
4 Report Type Code List (1) Ignored
5 Consignee Ship ID String(30) 3PL Shipment Number.
6 Sched Ship Date Date Actual Date Shipped.  YYYYMMDD
7 Depositor Order # String(22) Acctivate Sales Order Number
8 Shipment # String(12) Ignored. Acctivate Shipment Number
9 Consignee PO # String(22) Ignored. Customer Order Number
10 Master Link Reference String(22) Ignored
11 Payment Method List(2) Ignored.  (PP=Prepaid (by Seller); CC=Collect; PC=Prepaid but Charged to Customer; =)
12 Requested Delivery Date Date Scheduled Delivery Date.  YYYYMMDD
13 Requested Ship Date Date Shipment Date.  YYYYMMDD
14 Time Shipped Time  Ignored. Optional Time portion of Shipment Date.
15 Transportation Method List(2) Transportation Type  (H=Customer Pickup; M=Motor (Common Carrier); R=Rail; U=Private Parcel Service)
16 SCAC String(4) Lookup Carrier by SCAC
17 Routing String(35) Routing
18 Master Bill of Lading # String(30) Bill of Lading
19 Carrier Pro # String(30) Carrier Reference
20 Consolidation Code String(1) Ignored
21 # of Pallets String(3) Ignored
22 Quantity Shipped Integer(10) Number of Pieces
23 Total Weight String(10) Gross Weight
24 Weight UOM List(2) Gross Weight Unit
25 Depositor Name String(60) Acctivate Company Name
26 PO # String(30) Lookup Acctivate Sales Order by Customer PO
27 Order Date Date(8) Ignored
28 Freight Charges Integer(15) Shipping Charge
29 Ship To Name String(60) Ship Address Line 1
30 Ship To Name 2 String(60) Ship Attention
31 Ship To Address 1 String(55) Ship Address Line 2
32 Ship To Address 2 String(55) Ship Address Line 3
33 Ship To City String(30) Ship Address City
34 Ship To State String(2) Ship Address State
35 Ship To Zip String(15) Ship Address Zip
36 Ship To Country String(3) Ship Address Country
37 Ship To Code Type List(2) Ignored. (91=Assigned by Seller or Seller's Agent; 92=Assigned by Buyer or Buyer's Agent; 93=Code assigned by the organization originating the transaction set; 94=Code assigned by the organization that is the ultimate destination of the transaction set; 9=D-U-N-S+4: D-U-N-S Number with Four Character Suffix; ZZ=Mutually Defined; 1=D-U-N-S Number: Dun & Bradstreet; =)
38 Ship To Code String(80) Ignored
39 Warehouse Name String(60) Ignored
40 Warehouse Code Type List(2)  Ignored. (1=D-U-N-S Number: Dun & Bradstreet; 9=D-U-N-S+4: D-U-N-S Number with Four Character Suffix; 91=Assigned by Seller or Seller's Agent; 92=Assigned by Buyer or Buyer's Agent; UL=UCC/EAN Location Code; ZZ=Mutually Defined; =)
41 Warehouse Code String(80) Ignored
42 Carrier Service String(25) Carrier Service
43 Billing Option String(50) User defined carrier billing options. Used to exclude shipping charges from invoice.

Pack/Carton Record

Column # Data Type(Length) Notes
1 Row type    "P"
2 UCC-128 # String(48) SSCC-18
3 Application ID and Data String(48) Ignored
4 Pallet # String(48) Ignored

Item Record

Column # Data  Type(length)  Notes
1 Row Type    "I"
2 UPC Case Code String(112) Find item on SO by UPC
3 Vendor Item # String(48) Find item on SO by Product ID
4 UPC # String(48) Find item on SO by UPC
5 Qty Shipped String(10) Qty Shipped per Line
6 Qty Ordered String(15) Qty Ordered as seen in Acctivate
7 Qty Difference String(9) Ignored
8 Order UOM List (5) Sales Order Unit of Measure
9 Unit Price Decimal(30) Ignored
10 Status List (2) Ignored. (CC=Shipment Complete on (Date); CP=Partial Shipment on (Date): Considered No Backorder; =)
11 Change Reason List(2) Ignored. (01=Out of Stock; 02=Equipment Cut; 03=Booking Location Request; 04=On Hold; 05=Order Discrepancy; 06=Receiving Location Request; 07=Inventory Discrepancy; 08=Material Shortage; 09=Substitution; 10=Diverted Item; 11=Loading Error; 12=Inbound Carrier Failure; 13=Product Allocation Exceeded; 14=Improperly Sized Order; 15=Wrong Equipment; 16=Insufficient Equipment Space; 17=Discontinued Item; 20=Late Stock Transfer; 21=Inadequate Lead Time; 22=Stock Transfer Not Set Up; 23=Item Not Stocked at Shipping Location; 24=Product Withdrawn; 25=Addition Requested by Customer; 26=Bacteria Clearance; ZZ=Mutually Defined; =)
12 Lot # String(12) Match existing
13 Tracking # String(30) Update Pack Tracking Number
14 Serial # String(30) Match existing or Add New
15 Weight String(10) Accumulate for Total Pack Weight
16 Note String(30) Ignored