What is the EDI Advance Ship Notice - 856 No Pack File Structure?

Acctivate can export sales shipment notifications to your customers via EDI as the 856. The No Pack file structure contains the Shipment, Order, Item, and Lot/Serial rows.

A less common format for the Acctivate EDI Advance Ship Notice is "No Pack".  The No Pack ASN is very simple and can be used for any shipment, regardless of the contents of cartons.

This ASN format only includes the shipment summary information and the items contained within the shipment.  There is no information provided for the cartons.

Please read our EDI Advance Ship Notice article for an introduction to ASNs.

File Structure (SOI sequence):

  • The Shipment Row (Row Type "S") is the first row in an Advance Ship Notice.  The shipment row contains the shipment address, carrier, service, total weight and other shipment summary information.
  • Sales Order Rows (Row Type "O") are created for each sales order contained in the shipment.  Typically, there is one sales order contained in the shipment, but Acctivate does support consolidated, multi-order shipments.
  • Item Rows (Row Type "I") are included for each item in the shipment.  Multiple product identifiers are included, along with the quantity and item dimensions.
  • Lot/Serial Rows (Row Type "L") may be included for selected lot or serial numbers are included in the shipment.  All lot/serial numbers for an item will appear under a single Item Row.