What is the EDI Invoice - 810 File Structure?

Acctivate can export sales invoices to your customers via EDI as the 810. The file structure contains the Header, Item, Lot/Serial, and Tracking Number rows.

Acctivate can export sales invoices to your customers via EDI.  This transaction is commonly referred to as the EDI 810 transaction.  The file structure for the EDI Sales Invoice is listed below.

Please read the EDI Transaction Files article for more information.

File Structure

  • The Header Row (Row Type "H") is the first row in a Customer Invoice.  The transaction header row includes the customer name, addresses, contact info, special instructions, related shipment information and transaction total amounts.
  • Item Rows (Row Type "I") appear for each item on the invoice.  This row contains multiple product identifiers, quantity, price, reference and special instructions.
  • Lot/Serial Rows (Row Type "L") may be included for any lot or serial numbers are included.  All lot/serial numbers for an item will appear under a single Item Row.
  • Tracking Number Rows (Row Type "T") may be included when a tracking number exists for a related shipment

For a detailed look at the 810 file structure, check out our docs page.