What can be edited on a completed sales order.

If you have fully invoiced an order, you won't be able to make direct edits. Check this guide for more detail.

Once a Sales Order is marked with a status of “Completed”, users may only add notes to the Notes tab of the order screen and are not able to modify any order details. If you need to make changes to a completed order, Acctivate requires users to first void the invoice associated with that order. To do this, open the Sales Order window, click the Invoices tab, highlight the invoice and click “Void Invoice”. If a payment has been applied to the invoice, users may receive a message warning that the associated payment will also be voided.

When an invoice is created in Acctivate, it takes a “snapshot” of the current Sales Order and transfers that information on to the Sales Invoice. Modifying the order after the invoice is created is restricted in order to avoid a potential difference in the data on the invoice and the order.