How do I email a copy of a report?

Steps on how to email a copy of any given report in Acctivate

In preview mode reports can be exported into another format (i.e. pdf) and then sent via email as attachments.

Emailing a copy of a report:

  1. Open the specific report you want to export.
  2. In the Report Selection Criteria window, use the Relation and Value columns to display specific information in the report.
  3. Click the Preview button.
  4. In preview mode, click the Export Report button and the Export window will open.
  5. From the Format field select the format you want the report to be sent as (i.e. a PDF, Excel document, etc.).


  1. From the Destination field select MAPI to send the report as an attachment in an email.
  2. Click the OK button.
  3. In the Export Options window (which will be specific to the selected format) that opens choose the appropriate options for the export.
    Click the OK button.
  4. The Send Mail window will open, so you can send the report as an attachment from within ACCTivate!.
  5. When you have entered all the necessary information, click the Send button.You may receive a warning prompt if you are sending to a recipient whose email addresses is stored in the address book of your email application. Click Yes to continue sending the email.

Click Yes in the next prompt that opens to allow the email to be sent