What are the Acctivate Invoice Fields for Email Templates?

Acctivate Invoice Fields for Email Templates

The following table lists the data fields that can be entered into the body of an Email Message Template to request specific customer Invoice information from the database. Use the message template field as shown in the table. These message template fields can be used when the email message template type is set to Invoice or All.

When manually entering the field name while creating a template, add double { to the beginning of the value and double } to the end. For example, AmtPaid would be typed as . We've added the fields which do not match the Database Field 100% in the Message Template Field cells below. All others match the Database Field without the spaces.

Database Field Message Template Field
Amt Paid AmtPaid
AR Account ID ARAccountID
Backorder Criteria BackorderCriteria
Balance Balance
Bank Id BankId
Bill To Address BillToAddress
Bill To Address 1 BillToAddress1
Bill To Address 2 BillToAddress2
Bill To Address 3 BillToAddress3
Bill To Address 4 BillToAddress4
Bill To City BillToCity
Bill To Country BillToCountry
Bill To Name BillToName
Bill To State BillToState
Bill To Zip BillToZip
Branch ID BranchID
Carrier Carrier
Carrier Service CarrierService
CC Authorization Code CCAuthorizationCode
CCAVS Street CCAVSStreet
CC Exp Date CCExpDate
CC Merchant Account Number CCMerchAcctNumber
CC Payment Grouping Code CCPaymentGroupingCode
CC Recon Batch ID CCReconBatchID
CC Status Code CCStatusCode
CC Status Message CCStatusMessage
CC Trans ID CCTransID
CC Txn Auth Stamp CCTxnAuthStamp
CC Txn Auth Time CCTxnAuthTime
Check No CheckNo
Class Class
Collection Days CollectionDays
Comment Comment
Company Address 1 CompanyAddress1
Company Address 2 CompanyAddress2
Company Address 3 CompanyAddress3
Company Address 4 CompanyAddress4
Company City CompanyCity
Company Country CompanyCountry
Company Email CompanyEmail
Company Fax CompanyFax
Company Name CompanyName
Company Phone CompanyPhone
Company State CompanyState
Company Tax ID CompanyTaxID
Company Web Address CompanyWebAddress
Company ZIP CompanyZIP
Completed Completed
Contact Email Address ContactEMailAddress
Contact Fax ContactFAX
Contact Name ContactName
Contact Phone Number ContactPhoneNumber
Contract Date ContractDate
Contract ID ContractID
Created By CreatedBy
Created Date CreatedDate
Credit Approval Date CreditApprovalDate
Credit Approved By CreditApprovedBy
Currency Code CurrencyCode
Currency Name CurrencyName
Customer ID CustomerID
Customer Tax ID CustomerTaxID
Date Completed DateCompleted
Date Posted DatePosted
Date Printed DatePrinted
Delivered By DeliveredBy
Delivered To DeliveredTo
Delivery Date DeliveryDate
Delivery Miles DeliveryMiles
Discount Amount DiscountAmount
Discount Available DiscountAvailable
Discount Date DiscountDate
Discount Type DiscountType
Do Not Sync DoNotSync
Due Date DueDate
Entered By EnteredBy
Entry Date EntryDate
Exchange Rate ExchangeRate
Export Date ExportDate
Exported Exported
Foreign Amount Paid ForeignAmtPaid
Foreign Balance ForeignBalance
Foreign Discount Amount ForeignDiscountAmount
Foreign Discount Available ForeignDiscountAvailable
Foreign Payment Discount ForeignPaymentDiscount
Foreign Sales Tax ForeignSalesTax
Foreign Shipping Charge ForeignShippingCharge
Foreign Sub Total ForeignSubTotal
Foreign Total Amount ForeignTotalAmount
Foreign Total Shipping Charges ForeignTotalShippingCharges
From QB FromQB
Freight Tax Pct FrtTaxPct
Hold Released By HoldReleasedBy
Hold Released Date HoldReleasedDate
In Dispute InDispute
Invoice Date InvoiceDate
Invoice Detail Report ID InvoiceDetailReportID
Invoice Discount Account ID InvoiceDiscountAccountID
Invoice Discount Percent InvoiceDiscountPct
Invoice Format InvoiceFormat
Invoice Link (QBO Only) InvoiceLink
Invoice Number InvoiceNumber
Invoice Number Sort InvoiceNumberSort
Invoice Report ID InvoiceReportID
Invoice Style InvoiceStyle
Invoice Text InvoiceText
Job ID JobID
Job Number JobNumber
Last Payment Date LastPaymentDate
Last Shipmen tDate LastShipmentDate
Location ID LocationID
Manual Hold ManualHold
Marketing Code MarketingCode
Method Of Payment MethodOfPayment
Note Note
Number Of Packages NumberOfPackages
Number Shipments NumberShipments
Order Date OrderDate
Order Number OrderNumber
Package Weight PackageWeight
Payment Discount PaymentDiscount
Payment Method PaymentMethod
Posted To AR PostedToAR
Previous Amount PreviousAmount
Previous Retainage PreviousRetainage
Printed Printed
Ready To Print ReadyToPrint
Reference Reference
Reference 2 Reference2
Requested Ship Date RequestedShipDate
Retainage Amount RetainageAmount
Retainage Billed RetainageBilled
Retainage GL Account ID RetainageGLAccountID
Route Route
Routing Routing
Salesperson ID SalespersonID
Salesperson Name SalespersonName
Sales Tax SalesTax
Schedule Of Values Type ScheduleOfValuesType
Shipment Promised Date ShipmentPromisedDate
Shipping Charge ShippingCharge
Shipping Charge Account ID ShippingChargeAccountID
Shipping Instructions ShippingInstructions
Ship To Address ShipToAddress
Ship To Address 1 ShipToAddress1
Ship To Address 2 ShipToAddress2
Ship To Addres s3 ShipToAddress3
Ship To Addres s4 ShipToAddress4
Ship To Attn ShipToAttn
Ship To City ShipToCity
Ship To Country ShipToCountry
Ship To Override ShipToOverride
Ship To Phone Number ShipToPhoneNumber
Ship To State ShipToState
Ship To Zip ShipToZip
Ship Via ShipVia
Special Instructions SpecialInstructions
Stop Number StopNumber
Sub Total SubTotal
Taxable Taxable
Tax Code TaxCode
Tax Code Description TaxCodeDescription
Tax ID TaxID
Tax Included TaxIncluded
Tax Pct TaxPct
Terms Code TermsCode
Terms Description TermsDescription
Total Amount TotalAmount
Total Shipping Charges TotalShippingCharges
Tracking Number TrackingNumber
Transaction Period TransactionPeriod
Transaction Year TransactionYear
Txn ID TxnID
Type Type
Updated By UpdatedBy
Updated Date UpdatedDate
User Email UserEmail
User Email Signature UserEmailSignature
User ID UserID
User Message Adr UserMessageAdr
User Name UserName