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Picklists overview.

Picklists allow you to bulk orders in a warehouse together for picking on one list instead of picking each order individually.

Utilizing Picklists allows your warehouse pickers to efficiently pick multiple orders at one time.  When a Picklist is created, Acctivate will list your products based on the most efficient route within your warehouse based on the physical location of each product.

This functionality can save your company time by enabling orders to be picked faster and more accurately.

Picklists are dependent upon knowing the dimensions of your warehouse, the physical location of each bin and shelf, and where the product on the Order is actually stocked.  In order to enable Picklists, there are some steps that must first be configured and set up.  Each of these steps can take some time and depending on each company's warehouse size and configuration, may require a plan of action.

Picklists can be used to group multiple orders in a warehouse together for bulk picking, or be created for individual sales orders.

In order to enable Picklists, we recommend you review the following tasks first:

  1. Required: Multiple Location Module must be enabled.
  2. Import in or manually create warehouse locations in Configuration Manager.  
  3. Optional: Create a warehouse layout for each warehouse in Configuration Manager. View more on this starting at about 4:15 on our webinar.
  4. Count your products in each warehouse and stock each product in a warehouse location.
  5. Enable the option to require warehouse locations on all transactions in Config.
  6. Enable Picklists.
  7. Set the workflow status defaults in Configuration Manager -> Sales Orders -> Order Options

For information about how to use Picklists, please check out our training page about Pick Lists.