Enabling the Verbose sync log

When troubleshooting advanced synchronization errors, it may be useful for support to obtain a verbose sync log. This log contains much more information than the standard sync log and can help find specific problem records within the sync.

The option to enable the verbose sync log was added in Acctivate 11.2. The verbose sync log can help to troubleshoot advanced sync issues such as sync crashing, unexpected errors, and slowness.

Follow these instructions below to enable the verbose sync log:

  1. Open up the QuickBooks Synchronization window in Acctivate.
  2. Click the "Options +" link to expand the window.
  3. Check the "Enable Verbose sync logging" box
    1. Verbose
  4. Run a sync.

After the sync, the "Enable Verbose Sync logging" option will automatically disable itself. The log will be found the in "Log" folder on the AcctivateData share. The verbose log will be appended to the "Exception" log, not the sync log.