How To Enter a Sales Order

The steps required to setting up a new sales order in Acctivate

To enter a new sales order, first open the Sales Order window:

  • Click the Sales Order menu item in the Sales menu
sales order 1

  • Or use the Sales Order icon in the toolbar
sales order 2

Once the window is open select the New Button, to create a new order. The screen will now look like this:

sales order 3

Select the customer record for the order by using the lookup button  next to Customer Name. The Find Customer where value allows you to search in numerous fields. Users can also filter by Customer Type, Branch and Salesperson.

choose customer

If you have a Contract set up for your customer, you will see this popup window:


Specify which contract you will be using in the Contract drop down on the Customer tab.

contract 2

Most of the items in the top will be automatically populated with the default information stored in your Customer file. You can also add information such as the Customer PO number, Ref, Ref 2, and Job information, if not already filled in based on Ship To location defaults.

Acctivate tracks customer credit status based on the credit options in Configuration Manager. Below you can see what it looks like to have an Over Limit customer:

customer tab

The button will say different things based on the credit status, such as Credit Hold, Over Limit, or Overdue. To release it, click on the Approve Credit button and a popup will open like below:

release limit

Once the user information is filled in, press the Release button. The button onscreen will update to the following:

credit approved

At this point, you are ready to enter items on the sales order. To do this, click on the Detail tab. The screen below is where you specify the Product ID and Quantity the customer is ordering. Users can either manually type the entire ID into the Product ID field and press Tab or they can select from the Product search window. If rows were entered in the incorrect order, you can Move, Insert, or Delete them using the Move menu. Acctivate automatically schedules available quantities:

detail tab 1

You may want to change the pricing of your products based on a special you are running or want to use a different price code than the default set. To do this, look at the column labeled Pr Cd and you can select a price code for each line item using the browse button (next to ! below):

pr cd

The price codes can be set as an increase or decrease of either the List Price, Average Cost, Last Cost, or Management Cost, as well as a set price per Unit of Measure: price per box (12 each) or per each, etc. For more information about Price Codes, click here. The Choose Price window allows users to select from the list of default prices set for each Price Code, as well as any expired or future prices, or choose to Use List.

choose price

As you enter products in the detail section, you may notice that some of your products are not “Scheduled” this most likely means that the item is out of stock, not available for sale, or “Backordered”. You can see that near the middle of the screen. Also, the order totals separate by what is Scheduled versus total ordered in the bottom right hand side:

sched bo

If you have Comments, Special Instructions, or Shipping Instructions for your order, you may enter those at the bottom of any tab on the Sales Order screen.


  • The Comment field is for general comments for the customer, the order or both. A new comment can be entered or you can select from the drop down menu of user defined comments.
  • The Special Instructions textbox is for information that is kept confidential and will not be displayed on any invoice, order or customer-viewed document.
  • The Shipping Instructions textbox is for information that you want printed on the shipping documents.

Press Save when you have completed entering your order.