Entering order pre-payments using the Customer Payment Window

With Acctivate Version 11.1 comes a new and exciting way to enter payments. Check out this article for more information about this feature.

Acctivate version 11.1 includes a new Customer payment window accessible to all users with the "Customer Payment" permission. The customer payment option allows you to take pre-payments and pay multiple invoices at once. Let's start by looking at the anatomy of the payment window:


Now let's look at how to take pre-payments for an order:

  1. From a sales order, click Create -> Payment, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Y.
  2. The Enter payment window will open. The window will be titled "Enter Payment for Order #" where # is the order number. The payment memo field will also be filled in with "Prepayment for Order #." Here you can check invoices in the window if the customer would also like to pay an open invoice at the same time as pre-paying for the order.
  3. If no invoices are checked, enter the ordered total into the Payment amount box.
    1. If invoices are checked, be sure you add the ordered total to the "Payment Amount" field that will be auto calculated from checked invoices.
  4. Select the appropriate payment method and enter credit card details if applicable. 
  5. Change the AR account if desired.
  6. If credit card processing is enabled, be sure to check the "Charge CC" button if you are wanting to charge the Credit Card. If using a new credit card, you can also click "Save Card" to save the customer's card to their account.
    • Please Note: This will be your only opportunity to charge the card in Acctivate. You cannot charge later.
  7. Click the "Charge and Save" button (Or just Save if not charging.)
  8. You should receive a message about the excess overpayment being left as a credit. Click "Ok."
  9. The payment window will populate with the transaction ID and AUTH. code if charging a credit card.
  10. If desired, print/email the payment receipt.

Now let's look at how to use this payment on the order:

  1. On the order, click "Create Invoice"
  2. Leave the payment method blank, and click the "Available Credits" button.
    Avail credits
  3. Select the credit in the window that was created from the overpayment. The "Memo" should be "Prepayment for Order #"
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click "Invoice" to complete the invoicing process.

You've successfully taken a pre-payment for an order using the customer payment window!

For information about how to create a payment outside of pre-payments for orders, check out this article.

For more information about the customer payment's window, check out our docs page!