How do I resolve "Error resolving name ( for MAPI message(Not supported)?"

Error resolving name ( for MAPI message(Not supported).

This error has come up for some users that have recently updated their Windows workstations. It seems to happen mainly for those users set up with an Office 365 email account.

To resolve this error you have two options:

Option 1: You can uninstall the latest update to Outlook. This update is 1703 and you would need to downgrade to 1702 in order to stop receiving this error.

Option 2: Change your Acctivate email settings to send emails via SMTP instead of MAPI. This would resolve the issue for this update as well as future updates to Outlook since SMTP bypasses your local Outlook application all together. To set up SMTP for Office 365, go to this article. All other email accounts can set up SMTP using this article.

To find the differences between using MAPI and SMTP for emailing within Acctivate, go to this article.

If you have any questions or require assistance in the set up of SMTP, contact Acctivate Support.