"Error while connecting to QuickBooks Could not create QBFC Session Manager" when syncing

If the above error is received when attempting to perform a sync, you may need to install QBFC 15 due to an Intuit bug. Read below for more information.

Acctivate installs installs QBFC15, an Intuit component which is necessary for synchronization between Acctivate and QuickBooks Desktop.

Other programs you use may also install a version of QBFC, however if they are using a version lower than QBFC15 then Acctivate will install QBFC15.

A scenario has been discovered where QBFC15 may not be installed if QBFC14 is installed, and QBFC14 will be uninstalled. This is due to a bug with how Intuit has identified the QBFC14 and QBFC15 component; while they are different products, the QBFC installer thinks they are the same.

How to fix the "Could not create QBFC Session Manager" sync error

On the workstation that is receiving the sync error, download the QBFC 15.0 install file from our Docs site Installation page.  After downloading, run the installer. Once completed you will be able to sync Acctivate and QuickBooks.