How can I resolve issues with the Import Data utility?

If you're running into excel issues with the import data utility, read here.

The Acctivate Data Import tool is a helpful utility for importing Excel Spreadsheets. You can import information on Products, Customers, and Shipments.

If you are having trouble importing your file you will need to make sure you have permissions on the file if it is not stored locally. You can try moving the Excel file to your computer if you think permissions are a problem. Another common problem is an Excel spreadsheet that is too large.

Although Acctivate does not have a limit on the size of the Excel file that you can import, you should remember that your computer may not be able to load that much information into memory for processing. There can also be restrictions on the Excel file size due to your server limitations.

We do not recommend trying to import an Excel file over 10,000 rows. If you are having trouble, you should divide up your spreadsheet into smaller files that your computer and server will be better able to process.