How do I fix the "file is missing or our of date" error when logging into Acctivate?

If you are getting this error in reference to a specific file when logging into Acctivate, take these steps.

You receive a popup message when running Acctivate on a workstation, stating:

“Rich Text Control” file C:\WINDOWS\System32\RichTx32.ocx is missing or out of date, but it cannot be updated because \\Servername\ACCTivate\ClientFiles\RichTx32.ocx could not be located. Please install the Acctivate Cumulative Update again on the server.

This may be due to other application improperly unregistering or removing components that are being used by Acctivate or from installing the Secondary Installation from an old Acctivate CD.

The simple solution is to run the Cumulative Update on your Server. The Cumulative Update includes all workstation components as well as allows Installations of Acctivate to be upgraded from much older versions. Users can download the latest Cumulative Update from our downloads page here.

After the Cumulative Update has been downloaded and installed on your server, Windows should properly copy and register these components on your workstation when logging back in to Acctivate.