How Do I Find a Customer's Last Order?

This article explains how to find a customer's last order.

Finding a Customer's Last Order:

  1. Select Customer > Customer Information to open the Customer window.
  2. In the Customer Name field, type the customer ID of the customer you want to display and press tab on your keyboard or use the Lookup button, next to the Customer Name field to locate and select a customer.
  3. Select the Orders tab.
  4. Use the Type drop-down field in the header of the tab to filter the data grid by an order type (i.e. open, scheduled or completed orders, etc.) or select Allfrom the bottom of the drop-down list to display all orders (quotes and service orders will display as well).If necessary, filter for a specific order due date by using the Due drop-down field or keep it set to Anytime (to not filter by due date).
  5. When you have the necessary information displayed in the data grid, you can find the last order easily by sorting the orders by order date in descending order.To sort the order date in descending order, click the Order Date column header until the gray arrowhead in the header is pointing downward. Now, the last order will be in the first data grid line.
  6. To view the sales order for the last order, double-click the data grid row of that order; or select the data grid row and then click the View Order (Ctrl+Shift+O) button.
  7. In the Sales Order window, select the Detail tab to display the products for that specific order. Review all other necessary information in the provided tabs of the Sales Order window.