How do I fix the "The name _____ of the list element is already in use" sync error?

This error is fairly common and easy to fix. Take these steps to resolve it.

If you receive the following synchronization error is in the synchronization log file:

Error Customer SubmitCustomerBatch: error while creating customer Mike Smith {640437EF-BB94-42AC-A59F-92EA45881892}: The name “Mike Smith” of the list element is already in use.

This message is received when creating a customer in Acctivate with a name that already exists in QuickBooks as an existing customer, vendor, employee or other name.

You can resolve this sync error by following the steps below:

  1. Locate the duplicate name in QuickBooks in the following lists:
    1. Customer Center
    2. Vendor Center
    3. Employee Center
    4. Other Name List
  2. Rename the duplicate name in QuickBooks. You could add '-1' to the end of the name in Quickbooks.
  3. If Mike Smith already exists as a vendor, change the existing vendor to Mike Smith (Vendor). This will not affect the name that prints on checks.
  4. Run a Synchronization. Once another sync is done, the sync error should be gone.
  5. Merge the duplicate names created from the sync. You can merge the name with transactions into the name with zero transactions. 
  6. Run another sync.

QuickBooks treats “Mike Smith” and “Smith, Mike”as duplicates. Please be sure there are no variations of the same name.