How do I fix error "OBJ_STATUS_DISKSPACE_SPACE was not found" ?

This article explains how to fix error "OBJ_STATUS_DISKSPACE_SPACE was not found".

When installing the Acctivate on a workstation, an error screen may pop up saying "OBJ_STATUS_DISKSPACE_SPACE was not found"

This error occurs when Acctivate is already installed on the workstation, or some remnants of a previous install are present.

**If you are attempting to update your Acctivate workstation to a newer version, there is no need to do another install. After updating the server, you simply need to run Acctivate on your workstation and log in. It will detect that the server has updated and will update automatically to match.** You can read more about how workstations are updated here.

If you are attempting to do a fresh re-install Acctivate, please be sure to completely uninstall Acctivate beforehand. The easiest way to do so is to go to Add and Remove Programs and uninstall Acctivate from there.

If the issue is still not resolved and you cannot uninstall or re-install Acctivate, you can contact Acctivate Support here, or try another search to narrow down your issue.