Resolving the "Only one A/R or A/P account...." sync error.

If you're running into this error when running a synchronization, take these steps.

After entering a Purchase Invoice in Acctivate that uses an AR account, users may receive a sync error in their log file similar to the example below:

Error PO Invoice Put QB Bill RS: error while creating bill 010xxx(PO ): There was an error when saving a Bill. QuickBooks error message: Only one A/R or A/P account allowed per transaction.

Purchasing transactions should not involve Accounts Receivable (A/R) accounts. This issue may be caused by the wrong Purchases account being assigned to the warehouse. To review warehouse GL account configuration:

  1. In Acctivate, go to File > Configuration Management >Inventory > Warehouse and select a warehouse.
  2. Under the Purchases GL Acct section, select the proper GL Account (The Other Current Liability GL Account is usually named Accrued Purchase Receipts). If you are not sure which account to use, consult with an accounting professional to select the proper account.
  3. You may need to void the Purchase Invoice and re-enter the proper GL Account.
    Run another synchronization with QuickBooks. This should properly create the vendor bill in QuickBooks.

If the warehouse Purchases GL account is a valid “Other Current Liability” account, there is likely an invalid GL account on the Purchase Invoice itself. To resolve this issue:

  1. Open the Purchase Order related to the PO Invoice number in the sync error
  2. Review the Detail tab, checking the GL Expense Account field
  3. If the account is assigned to an A/R or A/P account (like in the example below), void the purchase invoice, change the GL Expense Account to an “Other Current Liability” account, then re-create the Purchase Invoice.
    1. PO-2
  4. Run a sync with QuickBooks. The error should be resolved, and the vendor bill will sync properly.