Generating a customer mailing list.

This article explains how to generate a mailing list for use in MS Office programs.

The Create Mailing List feature in Acctivate allows you to export customer information that you can use to create a mailing list.

Generating a Mailing List for Use in MS Word or other programs:

  1. Open the Mail wizard, select Customer > Create Mailing List on the menu bar.
  2. You need to determine what information you want for your mail recipients in the Selection Source field.
  3. Click the Add button to continue to narrow the selection process down.
  4. When you're done, click Next.
  5. The Review window shows you which customers were selected based on the above filters.
  6. Click Next to move forward, if everything is good.
  7. You can add a note that will appear for each customer in Acctivate, if wanted.
  8. To change any information click the Back button.
  9. Click Next to continue.
  10. In the Export to file field enter the file name to save this list as (the list will be saved as a . csv file).
    1. Click the button next to the Export to file field to choose the directory to save the file in.
  11. Click the Export button.
  12. When the list is successfully exported you will receive a confirmation message.
  13. Click the Finish button to close the Mail wizard.