Can Acctivate Generate GS1-128 Labels?

We can! See this article for more information.

Acctivate can generate standard GS1-128 shipping labels often required by EDI Trading Partners.  These labels were formerly know as UCC/EAN-128 labels, depending on your region.

UCC/GS1-128 Shipping Label

For the SSCC portion of the barcode, you’ll need to be sure to setup the Document Numbers in Configuration Management properly. The Prefix needs to be 7 digits and the High number 999999999. The Acctivate database adds a digit to the beginning and end of the Package ID. When using the above report, the SSCC-18 will print properly with 18 digits causing the leading (00) to show up.

Package Number

More information and an example of the GS1-128 label is available on the GS1 website.  Also, see this help article regarding GS1 Barcodes, including information on the Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC-18) barcode.