How do I Join a Remote Support Connection using ConnectWise Control

Acctivate Support and Implementation now use a new remote connection tool called ConnectWise Control.

When submitting a Support Request, users may receive a response from an Acctivate Support Representative asking to set up a remote support connection wherein the Support Rep can troubleshoot an issue directly on a computer that has Acctivate installed on it.  Remote support connections are typically planned and scheduled in advance between the user and representative.  In the event your Support Rep has requested a remote connection, you will be provided with the following remote connection options:

  • Your Support Rep may email you a direct link to start the remote connection.  Users can simply click the link when they are ready to begin the connection and your Support Rep will join the session shortly after.
  • Your Support Rep may send you a connection code.  You will be prompted to browse to and then enter in your connection code that was provided to you.

A Support Request should be initialized prior to request remote support.  If you haven't created a support request, please do so and a Support Rep will contact you to set up a remote support connection.