How do I set up a high volume pricing discount?

In certain situations a company may want to give a discount for a customer that purchases in a higher volume. Acctivate offers the ability to do this via pricing codes.

Acctivate offers very flexible pricing options to meet the needs of a variety of businesses. Some businesses may find themselves wanting to offer bulk pricing discounts to incentivize customers to purchase more product. Using price codes and price categories we can accomplish this task. 

  1. Define a "Price Code" to be used for high volume purposes. If you need a refresher on what price codes are and how to use them, check out our docs
    1. Price code
  2. Set the price codes up on the products that are eligible for high volume discounts.  
    1. Open the product in the edit product window, and go to the "Prices" tab.
    2. Add the high volume price code, currency (if multi-currency is enabled,) Price or %, unit, price type, and a low quantity (the quantity that must be ordered to be eligible.) Optionally you can set a high quantity (the max quantity eligible,) an effective date, expiration date, and a note.
    3. Add as many high volume codes as needed for different quantities.
    4. Price Codes
      1. In our above example, our product "Glass Cleaner" is eligible for three different high volume discounts. One for a quantity of 50 to 99 (since the next discount begins at 100) the next for a quantity of 100 to 125, and the last for a quantity of 125 to 300. All are effective starting January 13th, 2022, and expire on January 1st, 2023. In the above example, the prices are 'P' type, meaning they are just a standard list price, but these discounts can be based on other price types in Acctivate such as Management Cost + %. For a list of all price types in Acctivate, please refer to our docs page. 
    5. These price codes will need to be set per product, but this process can be made more efficient by utilizing Acctivate's import Data tool to import product prices. 
  3. Next, we need to define our "High volume" customers. These are customers that are eligible for our high volume price code discounts. This could be a small group of customers, or all customers. You can do this by opening the edit customer window and then going to the "Prices" tab. From here we have two options:
    1. Set the "Default Price Code" of the customer to be our high volume price code.
    2. Set a price code on the customer to be the high volume price code (use this if the customer currently uses a different price code for the default.) In order to do this, we'll have to assign a "Price Category" to the customer and to our products. For an overview of Price categories and how they work, please check out this article. 
    3. Rather you decide to set defaults, or use Price Categories, you can use our import data tool to update customers in bulk. 

After your customers are set up, you're done! Products should automatically switch to their appropriate price code when put on an order.