What Hostnames need to be whitelisted?

In certain environments, especially hosted server environments, a system administrator may need to whitelist the following sites so Acctivate can access these services.

  • *.acctivate.com Acctivate does call back to register.acctivate.com as well as a few other subdomain sites for certain services.  
    • hub.acctivate.com
  • *.intuit.com api.intuit.com is used for QuickBooks Payments
  • https://merchantcenter.intuit.com may need to be specifically added, but the previous site should handle this direct link to QuickBooks Merchant Center.
  • *.microsoft.com We link to multiple microsoft help topics using the following sub-domains:
    • support.microsoft.com
    • www.microsoft.com
    • windows.microsoft.com
  • *.avalara.com Used for Avatax tax calculations if that service is utilized by the company.
  • Map sites used when viewing customer addresses:
    • www.google.com
    • maps.yahoo.com
    • maps.expedia.com