How do I roll non-inventoried costs into an assembled good?

If you need to add a non-inventoried cost to an assembly, whether it be shipping cost, labor cost, waste fees or any other kind of costs, check out this article.

  1. Create a non-inventoried, other charge, shipping, or labor product in Acctivate and name it to correspond with the kind of cost you'd like to add, such as "Labor" or "Shipping." 
  2. Set the cost method to Standard. Standard cost allows you to assign an internal cost per warehouse to your non-inventoried items. A full explanation of standard cost for this purpose can be found here.
  3. Set the cost for each warehouse and the Unit of Measure as desired.

  4. Open the parent item of the assembly and add the newly created item as a component on the assembly and set the quantity. If the qty isn't fixed I.E. a labor charge where the number of hours or "units" may change mark the component as "variable." Please note: In order to be able to set components as variable, the assembly must be a custom or process assembly. You can change assembly type by changing the "Bill of Materials" on the product window.
    1. Ensure that you have a "Non-inventory offset account" set for the warehouses that you will be building assemblies into otherwise a "Transaction not in balance" sync error will appear on your next QuickBooks sync. The offset account should be an account that will track the cost, so something like a "Labor" account or "Shipping fee" account.
  5. If the component was marked variable, you can delete the cost or adjust the quantity under the "Unit Qty" column for the item in the assembly session window before posting.