Configuring ShipStation in Acctivate.

ShipStation is a popular e-commerce shipping platform. If you need to configure your Acctivate file to connect to ShipStation for shipping, use this guide.

1. Open Acctivate Configuration Manager.

2. Select Services > Shipstation.

3. Login to ShipStation and go to Account Settings.

4. Under Account Settings, select API settings.
NOTE: Do NOT select Integrations and try to add Acctivate thru the application lookup.


5. Copy the API Key and API Secret into the corresponding fields in Acctivate Configuration Manager -> Services -> ShipStation and check the box next to "Enabled".

6. In the Code Conversions section below the API Keys, select to "Update Codes from the Web" for Carrier and Carrier Service (found in the dropdown). This will allow Acctivate to translate the value into ShipStation's terminology. You may need to add additional conversions for Carriers and Services as well. 


7. Save your changes.

8. In Configuration manager, go to the Sales Orders Section.

9. Open the Ship Via options.

10. In the Send To column, you'll select if that Ship Via should send the sales order to ShipStation. In Ship Via's like "Customer Pickup" we don't want to send the order to ShipStation accidentally.