How Do I Create A Vendor Purchase Order?

This article walks you through on how to create a purchase order.

Acctivate includes four methods to create a new Purchase Order (PO):

  1. Manually entered from the Inventory Reorder report
  2. Drop Ship wizard from customer sales orders
  3. Special Order wizard from customer sales orders
  4. Reorder wizard on Inventory Mgmt tab of Business Alerts

The following instructions can be used to manually enter a purchase order.

Create a new Purchase Order
  1. Click Purchase Order on the Icon Bar


    • Shortcut Key: ALT+P+O to open the PO window

2. Click the New button on the toolbar to create a new Purchase Order.



    • The PO Number will be generated based on the next available PO numbers from Configuration Management → Company → Numbers
    • Shortcut Key: Ctrl+N to create a new PO

3. Click the Supplier Lookup button

    • Shortcut Key: Press F4 with the cursor in the Supplier field|

4. Select (or double-click) a Supplier from the Find Vendor window



  • You can sort and search by Vendor Name, Address or Vendor Type
  • Filter the list by typing a few characters of the Vendor Name
  • Toggle from contains to begins with for an alternative search
  • Shortcut Key: Press ENTER to select a vendor or ESC to close the window

5.Review the Default Purchase Order Status options to adjust the PO process

6. Change Status to Issued when the PO has been submitted to your vendor



7. Click the Detail tab to enter the products to order from the vendor

    • Shortcut Key: Press ALT+D to select the Detail tab


Add Items to a Purchase Order
  1. Click the button in the Product ID field to display the Find Product window


  • Shortcut Key: Press F4 to display the Find Product window

2. Use the Supplier Filter to only display products purchased from this vendor



3. Click Select or double-click a product from the grid to add it to the Purchase Order

  • Shortcut Key: Press ENTER to select a product or ESC to close the window

4. The default Price and Unit of Measure are set from the Vendors tab of the Product Information window



    • The default price is selected using this method.
    • An item can be stocked by each, but the vendor sells a case of 40 for $40/case.  The resulting inventory will be 40 each at $1/each

5. Press ENTER to move to the next (new) row in the grid to add another item.

Submit the Purchase Order
  1. Click Save on the toolbar after adding the items to the Purchase Order


  • Shortcut Key: Press CTRL+S to quickly save a Purchase Order

2. You can now either Print or Email (PDF) the Purchase Order



    • Shortcut Key: Press Ctrl+P to print the Purchase Order
    • The vendor's email address for the PO is on the Header tab of the PO.  The default email address for each vendor is configured in QuickBooks

3. The default Purchase Order form is displayed below.