How do I disconnect Avalara Tax from Acctivate?

This article explains how to disconnect Avalara Tax from Acctivate in the event that you decide you no longer need it.

If you decide you no longer want to use Avalara Tax with Acctivate you can disconnect it using an Excel database query to do an export of ShipTo's set to Avatax, and then re-import to a category of your choosing. Please see below for additional information:

  1. First create a connection to the Acctivate Database in Excel. Should you require assistance with that step, please refer to this article
  2. Load in the "CustomerShip" view into Excel.
  3. Locate the "TaxCatID" column (default column 'AJ') and change the values for each customer to be the Category ID desired. (Please refer to the "Tax Categories" section in Configuration Management if you need to know the ID.)
  4. Save your excel spreadsheet and close out of Excel. 
  5. In Acctivate, open the "Import data" tool, located in the "File" menu, and select the "Customer" option under the "Customer" subsection. You will need to click "Create Mapping"
  6. Load the Excel spreadsheet that was saved earlier in the "Filename" field. You can fill in ID, Name, and Description for the mapping details as desired.
  7. In the Columns tab. Open the "Customer" section and map the "Customer ID" to the column that corresponds on the excel spreadsheet (default 'AL')
  8. Map the "Tax Category ID" to the "TaxCatID" column on the excel spreadsheet.
  9. Click the "Begin Import" button. You will be asked to save the mapping if you wish.
  10. The next screen will show you the rows for planned import. If you wish, you can check the "Show Only Invalid Rows" to only show rows that will fail. 
  11. Click the "Next" button. The next screen will confirm the amount of rows as well as how many have passed, failed, and total. Click "Finish."
  12. You will be given the option to run a backup of your database. It is HIGHLY advised that you run the backup. If you do not backup the database, you will be unable to roll back to fix any mistakes that were not caught before hand.
  13. The next screen will have a loading bar showing the progress of the import. Once the import is done, you will get a dialogue box confirming the import has completed. Click "Ok" and then click "Close."
  14. Now open "Configuration Management" and click on the "Services" section.
  15. Click on the "Avalara" section, click the "Edit" button, and then clear out all of the information in the interface to disconnect Avalara and Acctivate.
  16. Click the save button and exit the interface.

Congratulations! You've successfully disconnected Avalara from Acctivate.

Should you have any questions or issues, please reach out to Acctivate Support.