Finding customers in the lookup window.

This article explains how to use the lookup button to find a customer.

The Customer window and other windows in the system provide lookup buttons that allow you to easily find a customer or other information (in the case of other windows such as the product id lookup in the Product Information window). The lookup window uses filtering to help in the lookup process.

Using the lookup button to find a customer:
  1. Select Customer > Customer Information to open the Customer window.
  2. Use the Lookup button, next to the Customer Name field to locate and select an existing customer.
  3. The Find Customer lookup window will open, which displays a data grid containing a list of all your customers that are saved in the system. By default, the customers are listed in alphabetical order according to what was set in Configuration Manager > Customer folder > Customer Options, which is the default category for the first 'Find Customer Where' field and the first column of the data grid.
  4. Use the three ‘Find Customer where’ fields, at the top of the window, to filter choices and locate customers.
  5. In the first ‘Find Customer where’ field select from the drop-down list, a category (e.g., customer name, company name, contact name, phone number, city, email address, etc.), by which to locate customers. The category you choose will be the first column of the data grid and what your filtering will be based upon.
  6. In the second ‘Find Customer where’ field, choose to display your filtered results by the options, ‘begins with’ or ‘contains’.
  7. In the third ‘Find Customer where’ field, type what you want to find. As you type, results matching what you enter will be displayed in the data grid according to what the two previous ‘Find Customer where’ fields are set to.
  8. You can also set the fields at the bottom to narrow down your search by Branch, Type, and/or Salespersons.
  9. When you have found the customer you want, click on that specific line and click the Select button or double-click the customer .
  10. The Find Customer lookup window will close and the information of the customer you selected will occupy the Customer window.

For more information about this, check out our docs page.