Installing Acctivate on the server and workstations.

The first step to Acctivate is to install it! See this article about how to install Acctivate on your server and your workstations.

For installing Acctivate, everything is handled by one installer. Rather it be a server install, workstation install, update, or new, QuickBooks or CYMA. 

Installing Acctivate on your server or workstation is as easy as heading to our downloads page and clicking the "Download Installer" button.

From there, you'll run the installer and select rather your installing on Server or Workstation.

  • For server install, you'll be asked for your Acctivate credentials. This is your ID and password assigned to you when you purchased the software.
  • For Workstations, you'll be asked for the Acctivate data path for the server. 

After you provide the requested information the install will begin, and you won't need to do anything else. After the install, you can choose to launch Acctivate.

For a step by step guide to install Acctivate, please refer to our Onboarding page.