How do I print product labels for a PO?

This article shows you how to print product labels for a purchase order.

Product Labels for a Purchase Order are printed from the Purchase Order window and used to affix to incoming products.

Print product labels for a PO:

  1. Select Purchasing > Standard Purchase Order to open the Purchase Order window.
  2. Create a new purchase order or open an existing one.
    If you are creating a new PO, enter all necessary information into the provided fields and tabs ( esp. the Detail tab) and click the Save button, so that you will be able to print labels.
  3. Click the Print Product Labels button from the window's toolbar.
    A prompt will appear, showing how many product labels will be printed (based on the products and quantities chosen in the Detail tab) and to which printer. Click the OK button to print the labels or the Cancel button to cancel the job.
    If you clicked OK the labels will print to the specified printer.