How do I reset my eBay token?

The eBay token saved in Acctivate will expire after 18 months. To reset it, you will need to remove the current token and run the sync again to login to eBay and reset the token.

  1. Select File > Import Sales Orders
  2. Select the proper eBay template and select to Edit it.
  3. Select Next twice until you get to the Options section
  4. Go to the option  “Show advanced configuration settings” and change the option to YES.
  5. Scroll up now and find the Access Token for eBay. Clear out the existing Token from the field.
  6. Select to close the window and hit Save when asked.
  7. Run the Webstore sync for eBay now.
  8. Sync log will contain a URL to allow Acctivate to access the user's web store. Double click or Ctrl-C URL, log in with eBay credentials, press button to authorize the connection.
  9. Re-run sync.
  10. The Access Token has now been updated with the new credentials.