How Do I Reset or Change My Login User Password?

To change the login user password, have someone with Admin privileges log into Acctivate and under Configuration Manager > Users, select your user, and type in the new password.

You can only change a user password in Acctivate by accessing the user from Configuration Manager. Acctivate does not currently have a reset password utility built in. You will need to have someone else within your company with admin permissions reset your password for you. If no one else has system administration permission, then please contact Acctivate support.

  1. To change the password, go to File > Configuration Manager > Users then select the user you want to change the password.
  2. Select Edit and make sure the user is selected.
  3. In the "Password" box, clear out the current text and type in the new desired password. 
    1. Please Note: Acctivate passwords are case sensitive.
  4. Once the password is entered, click "Save" and then exit configuration manager. At this point the user should be able to login to Acctivate using their new password.