Configuring the Volusion Webstore Template Password.

Volusion requires users to update their passwords every few months. You will need to update the Acctivate webstore template when that happens.

When integrating with a Volusion webstore, it is important to know that you will be required by Volusion to change your password every month or two. If you recently changed your password on the webstore, you’ll also need to make the change within Acctivate’s webstore template. Failure to do so will result in login errors (like this one) when trying to sync with the webstore.

To update the Acctivate Volusion template, take the following steps:

First, click “Webstore sync” from the Web Stores drop down in Acctivate and then click the “Configure” button.

Next, click on the Volusion webstore template and then click the “Edit” button.

After that, click “Next” to move to the “Source” window. This is where we will enter in the new login information.

From here, you’ll want to open up your Volusion webstore and login to the dashboard/Admin interface. Once in the dashboard, take these steps:

  1. Go to Inventory tab, select “Import/Export”
  2. In the “Other Import/Export Features” select the one labeled “Volusion API”
  3. Click the “Run” link adjacent to the “Generic/Orders” export option
  4. Click “Run” again. This will cause a URL to be generated. Copy the entire URL into a NotePad or a Word Document

Now we will deconstruct the URL to get the new encrypted password. If you look at the URL, you should see a string of seemingly random numbers and capital letters between the “EncryptedPassword=” and the “&EDI_Name” phrases. This string of random characters/numbers is the encrypted password. Copy this section, excluding the “EncryptedPassword=” and “&EDI_Name” bookends, and paste it into the “Encrypted Password” section in the Acctivate source window.

Verify that the “Login” field in this window matches the login email address in the URL to the right of the “Login=” tag.

Click next and then close the “Configure Web Stores” window. You’ll get a message asking if you’d like to save your import. Select “Yes”.

Run a webstore sync against the Volusion webstore to ensure that the connection is working. If you receive any errors, verify that you copied and pasted the entire encrypted password and that your login email matches up perfectly. If both of these sections match what is in the URL, you should have a successful connection.

Of course, if you run into any problems or need assistance carrying out the steps in this article, please contact Acctivate Support!