Voiding an invoice

If an invoice was created in error or corrections need to made to an invoice, the invoice should be voided in Acctivate.

Voiding an invoice in Acctivate will prevent the invoice from syncing to QuickBooks. If an invoice has already been synced to QuickBooks, voiding the invoice in Acctivate will trigger the invoice to also be voided in QuickBooks during the next synchronization. If an invoice is recreated after being voided, Acctivate and QuickBooks will keep the same invoice number and tracking information will be preserved. You can review specific steps for voiding an invoice on our docs page.

If a payment was associated with the invoice, you'll be prompted to review the payment. However, associated payments are not automatically voided when the invoice is voided. See our article on Voiding a Payment to review your options.

Voiding an invoice will reopen the associated sales order. Please refer to this article here about cancelling sales orders.