Creating a test environment for Acctivate.

If you need to set up a test company for Acctivate so that you can test how certain features work in Acctivate, take these steps.

The first step in creating a test environment for Acctivate is to create the model company itself in Database maintenance. 

  1. In Database Maintenance, go up to Database -> Database Info.
  2. Select the ‘New Company’ button
  3. Enter in a Company ID and Name (These can be the same, e.g. PRACTICE)
  4. Leave the QuickBooks Data File blank. 
  5. Save the new Company.

Use the following steps to create a backup of your “Live” company using the Backup Company function within Acctivate and restore this to restore to the model company you created in the first section of this article.

  1. Create the Backup of your Live Company
    1. Open Database Maintenance > Database > Backup/Restore
    2. Select the Company you want to backup (your Live Company).
    3. Click Start Backup at the bottom right hand corner.  Make a note of the name of the Backup File, which will be used in the next section.
  2. Once Backup is complete, you can then restore this backup of your Live company to your PRACTICE or MODEL company.
    1. Select the Restore button at the top of the Backup/Restore window.
    2. Change the Company dropdown to your PRACTICE or MODEL Company. NOTE: You may get a series of warning popups. This is to be expected.
    3. Enter in the exact name of the Backup File you created in step 1.
    4. Select View Sets button.  You should see the Backup you just created if you have properly entered in the Backup File name.
    5. Select Start Restore.



BE VERY CAREFUL if you need to synchronize the Practice company. Since the Practice.QBW is a copy of the live company file, it will have the same internal references.

So, it is possible to synchronize WITH THE WRONG COMPANY file open. This can cause lots of complications, so be sure that you have the correct “Practice QBW” file open in QuickBooks when you “Synchronize with QuickBooks” in the Practice company.

To prevent the syncing of the new PRACTICE company with your Live QuickBooks file, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Acctivate Database Maintenance > Database > Database Info
  2. Select PRACTICE Company.
  3. In Edit mode, delete the QuickBooks Data File Path

4. Save and exit.