Adding Selection Criteria to filter reports

Go to File > Configuration Management > Reports > Reports Catalog then select your report. In edit mode, go to the Selection Prompts tab to add a database field. Set the Prompt to be what you want the filter name to display as.

Acctivate allows you to add various different selection criteria to your reports.  These enable you to filter your reports to pull the exact information you need.  To add a filter to a report, follow these steps:

  1. Open Configuration Manager by going to File -> Configuration Management
  2. Expand the Reports section and then click on the Report Catalog subsection.
  3. Locate the category and sub-category in which the report you wish to modify is located.  (This will be the same category and sub-category in which you would find the report in Acctivate.)
  4. Select the report that you want to modify and click on the Edit button located in the top tool bar.
  5. Click on the Selection Prompts tab in the right pane and click on the [...] button located in the Field column of the blank row at the bottom of the selection prompts list.  If you wish to edit a filter instead, use this button in an existing 
  6. A list of database tables that are used in that report will appear. Click on the '+' icon next to the name of database view that corresponds with the field you are wanting to filter by on the report. If you have questions about what fields may be found in what views, see our docs page for view definitions.
  7. Locate the field that you are wanting to filter by and click on the "Select" button.
  8. Be sure the "Type" of filter is set appropriately. (Acctivate will auto assign this so your input will very rarely be required)
  9. Enter the desired name of the filter on the report into the Prompt field. (Acctivate will auto assign this to be the database field name)
  10. Check the Required checkbox if you want this filter to be required to run the report.
  11. Click on the Save icon to save your changes.

Please Note: If you are unable to locate the table that contains the field you are wanting to filter by, it may simply not be contained in that report. You will need to add the table in using Crystal Reports.

Your report will now contain the new filter that you've added!  Should you change your mind later, you can delete filters in Configuration Manager by highlighting them and hitting the "Delete" key. Be sure that you're in edit mode by clicking the "Edit" button.

For more information about this, check out our docs.