How to "Check Out" and "Check In" an Acctivate .RPT Report file

The Acctivate Support Team will need a copy of the .RPT Report file(s) that you requested to have modified. Please review the Video with step-by-step instructions.


  1. Select File > Manage Reports.
  2. Use the Report Catalog Window to locate the Report file you want modified.
    1. Sales Order Reports are located in OrderProcessing > Forms
    2. Purchase Reports are located in Purchasing > Forms
  3. Highlight the Report file and select "Check Out Report". Alternatively, you can use the "Check In Report" option to import new .RPT Report Files.
  4. Save the .RPT Report File to your Computer.
  5. Include the .RPT Report File in your existing Support Ticket or email it to Acctivate Support
    1. Please include a scanned mockup example outlying the changes or detailed instructions on what needs to be modified.
Please refer to our Managing Reports KB article for more detailed documentation.