How to configure default workflow statuses

Go to File > Configuration Manager > Sales orders > Order Options and set the Workflow Status default to the desired value.

Acctivate offers functionality to reset the workflow status to a specific workflow status on a sales order once a Sales Order has been processed in a certain manner.  In Configuration Manager -> Sales Orders -> Order Options, you will find the Workflow Status section.  Here, you can select which workflow status to use when certain processes have been run.

  • Rescheduling a Sales Order that was currently in a Backordered status will set the workflow status on the order to the workflow status you select in this Rescheduled workflow status option.
  • The Fully Invoiced workflow status will be set on the Sales Order when the order has been completed and fully invoiced.  The default status selected here is typically ‘Completed’.
  • The Partially Invoiced workflow status is used when a Sales Order is partially invoiced, meaning the Order Status is now set to ‘Backordered’ and lines are still open on the Sales Order.
  • When pick tickets are printed for a Sales Order, Acctivate will set the Workflow Status to the status selected in the Pick ticket printed option.