Connect Microsoft 365 Mail in Acctivate

Starting in 12.0, Acctivate supports a direct integration for Microsoft 365 mail accounts using Microsoft 365's REST API. This KB will explain the quick integration process.

Support for MAPI has been dropped in Acctivate version 12.0. If you were previously using MAPI you will now need to configure Acctivate to use our Microsoft 365, Gmail, or SMTP email options.

  1. Open Configuration Management, File>Configuration Management. An Admin user must be available during this integration process for non-admin users. This Admin user user will need to open Configuration Management and allow the user to login to their Microsoft 356 Mail account when prompted.
  2. Select User>User Information. Click the user account you wish to integrate your Microsoft 365 Mail account with. Set "Email Settings" to "Personal".
  3. Check "Microsoft 365" and select "Connect":
  4. Your internet browser will open automatically and you will be redirected to login with your Microsoft 365 account. Login to your Microsoft 365 account:
  5. After you successfully log into your Microsoft 365 account, you will see the following message, indicating that the authorization process will continue in Acctivate:
  6. Acctivate will state "Connected to:":
  7. Save changes. 

Please contact our support team if you have any issues or questions on this process.