Following up on Reminders in Business Alerts

How to use reminders within Acctivate

Once reminders have been established and assigned to specific users, the assigned user can view this reminder in their Business Alerts window. If an action needs to be taken, the assigned user can do so by the recorded followup date (if provided).

After following up on the reminder the assigned user can assign a note documenting that follow-up has been performed and then delete the completed reminder from their Alerts window.

Following-up on Reminders:

Each Acctivate user can view reminders assigned to themselves or any other user, if given permission (refer to: How do I manage employee’s use of reminders?).

  1. Select Alerts > Business Alerts to open the Business Alerts window.
  2. Select the Reminders tab, which will display a list of reminders (along with associated information) assigned to the logged in user.
    To view reminders assigned to another user, select their name from the Assigned Todrop-down menu (near the top-right) or select the Anyone option to view everyone’s reminders.
  3. To display the location that the reminder originated as a note, double-click the data grid line of the reminder you want to view or select its line and then click the View Selected Item button. The associated window will open (e.g., a sales order window, product information window, customer information window, etc.) and in the Notes tab, the note will appear.
  4. If action needs to be taken, do so and if their is a follow-up date included, make note of that date.
  5. After you have followed up on the reminder you can document that you have done so by making a note (refer to: How do I establish reminders?) in the same window and if desired, assign it to the user that assigned the original reminder to you.
  6. Also if follow-up has been completed and you want to remove the reminder from your Business Alerts window, check the box to the left of the reminder and click the Refreshbutton (this can be done in the Business Alerts window or the specific window the note is in).