How to open up multiple instances of Acctivate?

Use a Map Drive to open multiple instances of Acctivate

While Acctivate does not allow for multiple instances of Acctivate, many users ask for this ability. However, if you do need to run multiple instances of Acctivate at once, you can add several different .exe files for Acctivate, which will allow you to open multiple instances of Acctivate at once, for the same Acctivate license. Follow the steps below to set up a Map Drive in addition to the standard UNC file path to the server. You may need to work with your network administrator or IT person to help assist with this.

Please be aware that doing this will use a user license per Acctivate instance you are logged into. So if you only have 3 user licenses, and Acctivate is opened on one workstation twice, using this method, you will use 2 licenses leaving 1 other user license available. Please contact us if you need to increase your user license or if you have any further questions.

  1. Open up File Explorer on your desktop.
  2. Navigate to either “This PC” or “Computer” depending on the Windows edition you are on.
  3. Add the network Map drive.
    Go to This PC and select the Computer tab. Then, click “Map network drive” dropdown menu. Select “Map network drive”. If you are using a Windows 7 go to the Computer folder and select “Map network drive”.
  4. Name the network Map Drive. Click Finish when done.
    Select a Drive. The Drive will depend on your computer or network driver availability. Add the Folder location. This should be the network path to the Acctivate share folder. This will look something like \\yourServerName\Acctivate . Check “Reconnect at sign-in”.
  5. Typically, the Map Drive you created above will open in File Explorer. If not, open the Map Drive for Acctivate.
    Right Click on the Acctivate.exe file. If you are not showing the file extensions, this will just be the Acctivate file. Select “Send to” then “Desktop (create shortcut)”.
  6. You can now open multiple Acctivate.exe at once.
    You will notice on your desktop the original shortcut you had for Acctivate, using the UNC file path Target. You will now also have a new shortcut with a Target Filepath using the Map Drive. This is why you can open 2 Acctivate programs now.